First Blog Post….Ever

Hello Readers,

This is rather new to me, I’ve never started a blog before and I find that this could be an exciting opportunity. First, I feel I should explain what my Blog is about. MCG, the Modern Creative Geek’s Blog, is simply looking at things that would interest a person like me, a “geek”. I feel that I should explain what I mean by geek. 

The word “geek” does not truly have any real meaning. The prevalence of more “Geek Culture” is the creation and existence of things like eSports, Gamescon, and PAX (Which I will be attending this summer and will post about). Now it feels as though interests are so varied that one can enjoy almost anything and find others who do so as well. I’ve made a variety of friends with such diverse interests that I can get a foot into a variety of hobbies. One of my best friends is an aspiring artist and writer who I can bounce ideas off of for my own story (Which I can happily say is making decent progress at 21 chapters completed and roughly 60% done). It’s always entertaining to see the reactions of those I meet for the first time when I tell them of my interests. I remember one of my cousins was very surprised to find that, not only could I put together a functioning computer for her family, but that I was also an artist as well. I think of myself most often as a Jack of All Trades, skilled in everything yet a master of nothing. By no means is this a terrible fate, having the ability to do many things is something not many people have, though being able to show expertise in one field often helps with deciding careers and hobbies. As such, I will try and touch upon as many things as I can, though not everything of course.

I do hope you enjoy this as much as I do writing this and future posts.


– Raphael

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