Music, The Best Distraction

Lately I’ve found most of my inspiration in music, in orchestral soundtracks that invoke a visual narrative in one’s mind. It has been the greatest source of creativity for me in the past few years, many songs inspiring some of the best written parts of my novel. One of the greatest things about music though is that different songs will inspire different people. Some of the most creative minds I know were inspired by songs from the 80s and 90s as well as influenced by rap and hip hop. I myself find motivation from orchestral songs that give off an intense emotional response. I highly recommend the Quinn and Valor theme from League of Legends, its fantastically well done.

Here are a few songs that have inspired during my writing process and I hope they spark your curiosity as well.

The Quinn and Valor Theme – League of Legends

Victory – Two Steps from Hell

Flight of the Silverbird – Two Steps from Hell

25th Century – Audiomachine

Anduin’s Theme – World of Warcraft

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