Being Creative with Others

Recently my friends and I have started trying to meet up to write or draw together. Not working on the same project but working individually. I’ve noticed that doing so has made it a lot easier for me to be productive. It’s kind of a forced discipline as I see my friends working hard on their projects, it makes me want to put more effort into my own work. Its great having a group that can critique your work in person and give you live feedback. I think it comes from a group mentality of those around you. If you surround yourself with driven and hard-working individuals, it can inspire you to push yourself further and develop your own skills for self-improvement.

My friends have been working on their own projects for quite a while now (probably as long as I have). They work hard to learn something that I’ve already gained some skill in and I’m overjoyed when I can help them master this new skill. In turn, they’ve also helped me to understand things that I had never considered before. The best example I can think of is my coloring for digital art. For years as I’ve practiced digital art, trying to improve as best I can, I’ve always had issues when it comes to getting the right color I want. The color that appeared on my drawing tablet always came up different on my computer monitor. It frustrated me to no end that I tried to color correct my tablet to the computer monitor. It wasn’t until I explained my frustration to my friend that he pointed out the display on my tablet actually showed true color (closer to accurate) than my monitor does due to a difference in hardware. I learned something new and now I’m able to practice more unhindered.

I highly recommend finding like-minded driven individuals to sit down with and work alongside. Its amazing how much it helps you feel more productive and learn new things.

– Raphael

P.S : Sorry for the delayed post! I’ve been a little overwhelmed with work and then fell ill as well (still ill at the moment).

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