The Mark of Silverfrost now in Paperback!

Hello everyone!

Some exciting news, The Legend of Nariko : The Mark of Silverfrost is now in paperback!

This is easily the one achievement I am most proud of so far. It really was a touching moment for me the very first time I held the book in my hands. Nothing compares to the feeling I felt the day it arrived.

I apologize for the heavily delayed post, but it took a lot of work to format my book in paperback as well as research how to go about obtaining an ISBN to maintain my copyright. I will write a post detailing the steps I had to take to publish my book in paperback. You may also notice that the blog now has a new look to it. The previous theme was too cold and sterile for the posts I wanted to make. I wanted to move towards a warmer and more inviting blog as this is a place to share my thoughts and ideas on writing and digital art.

I look forward to continuing my journey to becoming a better author and artist and sharing the experiences along the way. đŸ™‚


– Raphael

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