An Author who stopped Reading

I came to a revelation the other day when discussing getting a review from a friend. He had told me that, on average, he finishes reading a book a week. It made me stop and take a look at my own reading habits. I used to be a somewhat avid reader, before I started writing more and more. Nowadays I’m likely to read a book a month, the backlog of books becoming a mountainous challenge.

Many have accurately said that you can’t be a good writer if you don’t read and I’m starting to believe in that truth. I’ve hit a writer’s block that I can’t seem to pass as it involves world building to a scale I’ve never done before. I’ve decided that I need to start reading more novels to get a better idea of writing conventions used for Fantasy books. Hopefully doing so will broaden my own horizons and strengthen my own writing capability.

To help encourage myself to sit down and read through my backlog of books, I’ve also decided to write reviews for the books I read. I hope that in doing so I can hold myself accountable to finishing stories in a timely manner while also developing a more critical outlook towards my own novel as well as the works of other story tellers.

– Raphael

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