Update and Apology

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to start off by apologizing for my absence in the month of July. The reason being I worked so much on working on the 2nd edition of my book that I lost focus on my other goals such as posting content once a week. It turned out there was so much that I could have added in the first publication of my book that it was a bit overwhelming. It was definitely a lesson in patience and taking the time to study the marketing side of book publishing. Reflecting on the initial release of my book, I can’t help but think that there was an eagerness that blinded me to the smaller details that give a more professional look and feel.

I intend to write a few articles on what I learned in July as I feel like it would be valuable for any fellow aspiring author to know. There were a lot of things I essentially brushed off as I was impatient and believed them to be unnecessary. However now I see them as more valuable for what they add to my book. It was amazing how much just adding a map of your world can change so much. There was so much involved that I didn’t initially expect when I started to draw out my world and what exactly the implications were for world building as well as formatting for printing.

As educational and fascinating as the past month was, it’s still no excuse for me to have dropped my routine for disciplined work. I plan to return to my weekly posting on what I’ve learned and/or read.

As always thank you for reading and I hope my scribbles help my fellow authors and readers. 🙂

– Raphael

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