Book Review Delay and Status Update

Hi Everyone!

My apologies as I was at PAX (The Penny Arcade Expo) for the long weekend I couldn’t finish a book review this week. But the experience I had at PAX was more than just playing video games for fun. I was inspired and learned a lot about working hard and staying focused.

One of the most beneficial experiences I think one can have as a creative is to see other people’s creations and hear about their process. At PAX this weekend my friend and I spent most of our time at the indie booths as well as developer panels. There was a greater emphasis on independent games this year which was great. It was inspiring to hear from various developers on how they started their project and how hard they worked towards their goal. There were many games that were developed by a team of one or two people yet they still turned out quality games. This in particular really resonated with me as an independent publisher working on my own book series. The context is different, but the journey feels similar.

I highly recommend listening to others about their own work and how they approach it. It doesn’t have to necessarily be about what you’re focused on either. I didn’t imagine that the developer panels at PAX would leave as lasting an impression on me as they did, yet I walked out of each conference reinvigorated and excited to tackle my own projects and move forward.

On that note I’m also excited to announce that the 2nd edition of my first book, The Legend of Nariko : The Mark of Silverfrost will soon be available for purchase! I took what I’ve learned in the past year about formatting, marketing and world building to create what I feel is an improved reading experience!

I will be resuming my regular cadence of book reviews and writing articles next week.

Thank you all and I wish you all the best in your endeavours 🙂

– Raphael

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