Update and Progress

Hi Everyone!

With Thanksgiving this week I wasn’t able to find the time to write up a book review for this week. While this week was a bit chaotic for scheduling time to sit down and write, it got me thinking about my own priorities and goals for life and how I can use this blog to achieve those goals. I want to progress both as a writer, a reviewer and an artist and this blog is a great way for me to keep myself accountable towards forward progress.

The new schedule I want to maintain starting this coming week will be one book review every Monday, an article on writing / life progress on Wednesdays, and an art piece on Fridays. It might take some time for me to get a regular cadence with the art pieces but knowing that I have a deadline to follow makes it all that much more pressing that I make forward momentum. It’s the same with all goals I believe. If you have deadlines, goal markers set out for yourself really help you to summon that discipline to sit down and make that progress. This TED talk discusses the idea and honestly it feels like something we all kind of end up doing. 10:59 is when Tim Urban starts discussing deadlines and how they help you focus however I recommend watching the whole video (its a lot of fun and puts it all in context in a meaningful way).

I also want to redesign how this blog looks. I took a look at it and it feels messy and not exactly what I want it to be as a representation of my thoughts and ideas. The idea of minimalism has really been appealing more and more to me and I want to incorporate that into my life. With that in mind, while applying this to my home and my life, I plan to update this blog with a more minimalist look to keep it nice and clean.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the articles to follow. 🙂

– Raphael

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