Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

To start off my series of reviews for Self-Help and Inspirational Books, I thought I would begin with a book that helped me to revisit a fundamental aspect of life. I found out about Marie Kondo in the same way my friends and coworkers found out about her, through her Netflix Series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. My partner and I watched the first episode and I was immediately taken by the idea of letting go rather than throwing away to tidy up my home.


Marie Kondo’s message of tidying really struck a chord with me. It’s very much about cleaning not just your surroundings but, in a way, your life. Decluttering and letting go of items around your home helps to declutter and let go of things that stop you from focusing on what really matters. It also helps in letting go of past possessions that might be tired to unpleasant memories. There’s a surprising spiritual aspect to it which made it all the more enticing. It coincides a lot with the philosophy normally seen around minimalism, something I think we can all benefit from in our materialist driven lives.

On a more practical level, the Konmari method is simple but effective. It focuses on how to rid your home of items that serve no purpose but take up space and how to sort and organize the items that do matter. This applies to anything and everything and the book goes through how best to tackle each category of items. She also categorizes everything and instructs how best to tackle them so as not to fall back into old patterns. The way on folding, sorting, and discarding clothing had a dramatic change on my wardrobe. It never occurred to me just how much I had that I never wore in years. Three garbage bags and two shopping bags worth of clothing I donated to the local charity and felt all the better for it.


The book is a quick and easy read for anyone interested in tackle it. It is divided into large sections that go over broad categories and smaller parts that help to zero in on how best to approach the task. She also inserts stories of clients she’s worked with for both testimonials and examples of how her method works and helps. A lot of it does come off as a matter of fact and very instructional which I really appreciated, especially the part about folding and sorting clothing. However there are some parts that may not really apply to everyone. For myself, most of my paperwork and documents I keep as PDFs on my computer as I prefer to go paperless. However I do recommend reading through each chapter as they are quick to digest and often have gems of wisdom.


For the longest time I never valued keeping a clean and organized home for as long as I could remember. I am a bit of a pack rat when it comes to my various interests. There are several boxes I kept because I loved the artwork on them, several little figures and plushies I’ve accumulated over the years, and a whole bunch of little knick knacks all strewn across my room. I’ve never really organized or sorted them, rather just kept them about as I’ve collected them.

When I finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I was excited to give it a go and I found it had a profound effect on me after I had cleaned a major portion of my home. Her method of asking whether or not something sparks joy in your life, while sounding a bit odd, really made for an impactful approach towards my spring cleaning. Now when I look around my home, I’m more inspired to stay focused on my work. All of the books around me, my own in view, help me to stay inspired to write. The gifts and cards my partner has given me helps me to stay positive even on the days where I feel down and gloomy. There’s a far more positive energy I feel now every morning when I wake up and every night when I come home. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to stay positive about their goals and feel good about their lives.


P.S: I apologize! I meant to post this on Monday but got too carried away with writing yesterday and Monday morning. ^^”

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