Character Art: Asandra The Bloodfire V2

In my efforts to become a better artist and writer, I drew my character once more. Asandra is such a vital character to the entirety of my series that I felt the need to draw her correctly. I have been far too distracted from my goals and I want to slowly get back into improving myself in the aspects that matter most to me. Regaining the discipline I had lost will be difficult, but I find any true progress requires such.

In seeking feedback from my peers, I found myself humbled repeatedly. Work that I thought was exceptional was proven to be flawed. But I knew that this criticism was not meant to discourage me, it was meant to help me learn. I found it lead me to seek out tutorials and guides to help me learn. I used this art project to learn more about tone and color theory 🙂

Please enjoy my latest work:

Asandra The Bloodfire
The Legend of Nariko: The Mark of Silverfrost

Asandra 3.1 Complete

– Raphael

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