Reflection and Break for the Holidays

Hi everyone!

I do say Reflection quite a bit I realize.

Going on a small break over the holidays. I’m planning on using the time to reflect on my goals and how I approached them this year. There was a lot I had hoped to achieve this year but I got side tracked repeatedly and failed to meet those goals. While I did feel rather depressed about it, it did also let me think about why it was I didn’t hit my goals.

It’s taken me some time but I realized that it came down to time management and discipline. The first half of the year started off very strong. I was on schedule, following my daily time table and working towards my goals. However I let the weekends run wild as days when I did whatever. I would play video games, watch movies and shows, just laze around really. Looking back, realizing that between working a full time 9:30am to 6:00pm job and trying to maintain 8 hours of sleep, there’s not enough time in the week day to achieve everything I want to do.

A lot of my frustration with my own results stems from my own impatience. I’m trying to excel in reading, writing and drawing but I’m constantly comparing myself to artists and authors who do this as a full time career with years of practice. I only realized this after I was talking to my friend who is also learning to become a better artist. But where I’m focusing so much on trying to keep up with those who have years (possibly decades) of experience, he’s focusing on just being better. It helped me to remember that I need to focus on just improving rather than comparing myself to others.

I’m slowly realizing that, while reviewing the past year, my most damaging weakness is how easily distracted I can get. Between YouTube, Video Games, and getting swept up in things I don’t much care for, I spent less and less time practicing writing and art. I plan to spend the next two weeks re-evaluating my own goals and how I’m working towards them. One of those goals is to be more consistent and organized when it comes to running this blog.

I’ll post an update on 01/03 with my findings from this time of self-reflection. 🙂

Happy Holidays! See you in 2020! 😀

– Raphael

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