Update, reflections and a question.

Hello everyone!

Exciting news, I recently joined a game development team as a writer and artist. I’ve been working on some rough drafts of a storyline and sketches of artwork this week and it has been a fun and interesting experience. I will provide updates as we hit milestone achievements.

Now I wanted to write a more well thought out article, but between the new opportunity that came and some things involving friends and family, I couldn’t write a proper post. But I tried to take something positive from this to learn from. Looking at the past I realized that I am inconsistent in the quality of what I post that isn’t a book review.

I think it’s because I don’t have a set idea of what I post every other week and its something I really should work on. With the book reviews I have a clear and consistent workflow that helps me create the reviews with a clear goal of helping readers to know if they’ll like the book and authors to know if there’s something to learn from it. But with the other posts, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of time spent trying to determine what to even post. Because of that, I feel these posts are lacking in the quality that you, the readers, deserve.

I will try and go through some ideas as I want to have at least weekly posts but doing book reviews every week has proven to be a bit exhausting. Trying to write and publish my own books while reading and writing a book review every week doesn’t allow for much time to take care of myself health wise. Its also kind of weird to admit but I tend to get emotionally invested in the characters and its hard to bounce from one cast immediately to the next.

But I thought instead of stumbling in the dark and figuring this out alone I thought I would try asking you, the readers, what you would like to see from me. Would you like more book reviews? Would you like story reviews for other media like video games, movies and tv shows? Would you like thoughts on writing? Maybe thoughts on life and working on passion projects like this?

If you don’t feel comfortable commenting publicly you can email me privately at RaphaelTheAuthor@Gmail.com

Thanks so much for sticking around and I hope I can continue to make content you enjoy! 😊

– Raphael

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