Trying to return back to normal.

Truth be told though, I’m not sure what normal is anymore.

Hello everyone,

I was hoping that my time off to re-evaluate things would lead to more fruitful self discoveries. In a sense, it has helped me to recognize some things in life that I may have taken for granted. One of those things being that my focus was tied to a sense of stability. It let me focus on what I cared about most but with that gone I don’t really know how to move forward. Recently I faced a lot of questions as to where I’d go and what I would do next. Initially I tried to throw myself into my writing and artwork but I found I couldn’t focus and maintain a constant daily routine.

I want to try and fix this rut I’m in rather than lose all the momentum I’ve built up this year. Despite my best efforts I hadn’t been able to draw consistently or edit much without losing focus almost immediately. I think I realized that I can’t just get back to normal as much as I want to now that a fundamental part of my routine (and I guess in a sense my life?) is gone. Though it is an opportunity to pursue something I’m more passionate about, in the current circumstances we all face it’s been difficult to move forward.

I’m going to try and do weekly book reviews again and hopefully get back into a steady flow. I still want to try and publish my second book by the end of the month however with proof copy shipping delays and my need to have a finished copy in my hand before publishing I’m not sure if that’s possible. As strange as this may sound, I may even revamp this blog again as I don’t feel like things are the same enough.

Thank you all for reading and keeping up with this blog!
I know I haven’t been the most consistent but I want to fix that as best I can.

– Raphael

P.S: Sorry for how messy this comes across, I just wanted to get my unfiltered thoughts to best explain what’s going on and how I want to fix it.  

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