Book Publishing Woes

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to use today’s post to officially announce the publication of my second book. Unfortunately I discovered a major formatting issue which led to multiple blank pages to show up randomly throughout the entirety of the book. I spent eight hours on Saturday trying to figure out what the problem was, found it and spent an hour or two resolving it.

For those who don’t need to know the details of it, you can skip this part of the post. For those curious, it was an issue which marginal spacing for “odd” and “even” pages. The mirrored margins allow for indent spacings to reflect each page allowing for an easy book format for print publishing. The issue that comes up with this formatting is, if you apply it after finishing writing the entire book, you can run into an issue where Word will insert blank pages to keep a balance between odd and even pages. This happens when you use page breaks to separate the chapters. The main problem is that Word does not show when these blank filler pages are being used. I realized that it only shows either in Print Preview or in PDF format. As a result, I had to use the “CTRL+SHIFT+8” view to see all the page breaks, repeatedly delete and re-insert new breaks for almost every chapter. The worst part is that sometimes fixing one chapter will break the previous fixed chapter.

The whole process was incredibly draining and exhausting. I was hoping to come here full of energy and excitement but unfortunately I have to wait for the (hopefully) final book proof to arrive. It should arrive by the end of the week hopefully and as soon as it arrives I will make a post announcing the publication.

Hope to let you know very soon! 🙂

– Raphael

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