The Legend of Nariko: The Goddess Prophecy now Live!

Hi Everyone!

It’s finally time! Book 2 of the Nariko Series, The Legend of Nariko: The Goddess Prophecy, is now live!

I was hoping to publish it earlier over the weekend however my own anxiety and paranoia caught up with me and I spent the last few days reviewing names, chapter titles, and other details. Stayed up until 3am resolving a random formatting issue that appeared at the final hour but all that is worth it now. The book is finally done.

There is a small update to the Paperback as it’s missing the ISBN number for the eBook First Edition, but that should be updated within the next couple days.

One note though. Because the book is twice as long as the first, due to printing costs the price unfortunately had to be higher than The Legend of Nariko: The Mark of Silverfrost. I still do plan on publishing a Volume 1 that contains both novels together, however that will be a few months from now as the dimensions will be different than the 6″ x 9″ format I try and stick to.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me during this process and your patience with the delays. 😊

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