Return from Hiatus

The hiatus took much longer than I planned but starting a new job and re-orienting life around a work schedule tends to cause a bit of scheduling chaos initially. However it has helped me to put things into a more regimented routine, but an issue I’ve come to realize during my unemployment is my lack of focus. It’s a lot harder to focus on the task at hand rather than being pulled in so many directions. There’s a strange jumble meandering thoughts and ideas in my head that some are useful while others are distracting.

I’ve come to develop a renewed focus for the things that matter most to me. Before I had so much time that I was, in a strange way, paralyzed by choice. Despite having so much time, I barely accomplished anything. But now I have to be smart about how I use my time and energy throughout the day. For some reason, it’s helped me to focus more on writing, reading and artwork. Unfortunately I’m still a bit unfocused and all over the place but I’m slowly getting back to a more disciplined schedule.

I wish I could give a strict timeline on how things will progress from here, but admittedly I’m still trying to get a rhythm to what my daily schedule is. Priority will always be towards writing the next book in my series follow by artwork and reading, but blog maintenance is important too. At the moment, what I’ve created is hard to navigate and feels like it can be streamlined and improved. I’m hoping to have it updated within the month with easier to navigate features and a cleaner look.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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