The Legend of Nariko: 5-Year Anniversary Hardcover

For the longest time, I had always dreamed of publishing my first book. It’s honestly hard to believe it’s been so long. I guess the last two years has felt like a bit of a blur. But that tangent aside, I wanted to celebrate this accomplishment by paying homage to the first cover art I created and felt proud of, the first proper edition of my book. Recently Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing introduced the ability to print hard cover books which is exciting as I’ve always wanted to see my book as a hard cover.

I wanted to recreate the cover now since I’ve become a better artist since then. I really wanted to keep the feeling the cover inspired.
The original cover vs the updated one.

I wanted the hardcover anniversary edition to be ready by the date I first published my book, however a couple of complications came up. For some reason there’s problems shipping the book proof to my address in Canada so I’m trying to figure out how to resolve that issue. Worst case, I can always ship it to my friend’s address in the US and get photos to see if it turned out correctly or have him ship it to me. Unfortunately this means the release date is tentative for April and hopefully will be published this month.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my work and I genuinely hope you’ve enjoyed it! I’m excited to keep writing and one day finish this book series I can be proud of.

– Raphael

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