Author Update: Book 3 Draft #2 in the works & New Book Series in the works

Hello everyone!

Been a hectic few months trying to get the first draft of The Legend of Nariko: Hellfire Rising done, might even change the title though I don’t think it will be necessary. The first draft is writing the entire story, discovery writing as the story almost develops itself. The second draft is, ideally, going over the story and adding/subtracting anything that helps to improve the overall story. Ideally the final draft will just be editing for grammar. I’m hoping to have the second draft done in the second half of May.

 That being said, there is another story I’ve been brainstorming over the past year and figuring out how I want to approach it. I had initially got the idea from what I thought Destiny the game was going to be, a general setting with just a whole bunch of interesting stories taking place. Of course Destiny eventually became a more story driven game and moved away from that model but I do want to create something that is a universe that has many stories taking place within it. Ideally I want it to be a setting where I can write several self-contained stories that possibly have something connecting all of them.

While I have this story idea in the works, The Legend of Nariko series will still always take priority so I was thinking of what I could do to work on this story while not neglecting my main series. I recently started looking into something called novellas which I had heard of but never really paid much attention to. Apparently the idea is that it’s longer than a short story but it’s still quite a bit shorter than an actual book. I’m still a bit unclear on what the length is supposed to be and also a bit uncertain how good of a story can be told in such a short length. That being said, there have been some amazing short stories so it should very well be possible. I’m going to read and review some novellas for the next few weeks and see if that might be a suitable medium for this story idea.

Hopefully I can make this work!

– Raphael

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