Update! I’m Alive!

Life has been rather crazy in the past few months. Approaching the end of my university career, I went into overdrive when it came to writing my first novel. The good news is that I can report that I have completed the first draft of my novel! It is currently in the editing process and I am now working on a new cover for the book. Hopefully I will be able to publish it by mid-June to late-June.

Now on to something interesting I realized at the end of my writing process. While I was writing, I always had the constant fear that I was not writing enough, that while I wrote in MS Word, that the pages were insufficient for a average novel. Even as I reached the end of my novel, the doubt was ever present. But when I changed the margins and font to match the average size of a novel, I found that I had actually written far more than I ever expected! Thankfully this makes the editing process as I can focus on cutting the excess that doesn’t add enough to the book. 

I will try to keep updating every 2 weeks (I know I’ve said that before, but now that school isn’t in the way it’ll much easier!) Hopefully my first novel, Darque Legacy: Child of Shadows, will be made available very soon! =)

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