Thoughts on Character Creation

Hello Everyone, 

Sorry if this post might be a bit late, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on editing my novel. But while I was editing my novel, it occurred to me that playing around with the characters could create an interesting circumstance. One idea was swapping the genders of a few of my characters just to see if it would make them more interesting. To my surprise, changing the genders of the main characters turned out to be possible as neither of them had anything that forced them to be a particular gender. It took a while to think of how the story would change if they were so different. Interestingly enough, the core plot line would not change very much outside of changing the genders of a few other characters. If I wasn’t planning on writing a series, I would make the change solely because it seems like an interesting concept. However for future novels I believe this would be an interesting step in the editing process solely to see if the characters can be improved on by changing something simple. It can be used to test whether or not your characters may be stereotypical for which ever gender they were initially.

Now after my test readers complete their first read through, I can ask them whether or not they feel the characters should stay the way they are. 

Hope this helps!


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