Return from Hiatus and what I’ve learned

Hello everyone!

I apologize for my hiatus, September was a bit of a crazy month. Between weddings, trips planned, and catching up with old and new friends, it was a rather hectic time. But in that time I feel like I’ve learned a lot about valuing myself as a creative and a as a person again (yayyyyyy).

I used to think productivity was the end all be all, that I could only really be happy if I had gained some forward momentum in my goals either with writing, drawing or reviewing. But as any other creative can relate, burnout is a very real issue. Spending time with friends, taking some time to clean, and reflecting on what I’m trying to accomplish and what I need to do to get there has helped to soothe the exhaustion. Sometimes you really just need a do-nothing day.

However the most important lesson I’ve come to learn is further humility. I’ve set goals for myself that are rather ambitious though not necessarily unrealistic. I think this is the most damning part of creative pursuits. Failing to achieve what feels like realistic goals can often be a blow to the ego of any creative. However I’ve come to a point where I realized deadlines can be pushed in the name of quality. It’s no secret that I’m rather frustrated with the time its taking to publish my second book. I thought since I knew what I was doing this time around it should be a much faster process. But looking back at my first book, it took 10 years and 10 rewrites before it became what it is today. Compared to that, I am doing much better than before and I believe there is merit to recognizing that.

It goes back to something I’ve learned but always fail to put into practice. Progress and forward momentum should never be compared to others, even peers within the same field. Doing so damns your motivation and eventually erodes your discipline. The only comparison to ever be made should be to the person you were yesterday, last week, last month, and last year. It’s easier said than done as it can sometimes feel like failing to live up to your potential. But we’ll get there, eventually. 🙂

I’ll be returning to the regular schedule and hope you enjoy it!

– Raphael

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