New Book Cover!

Hello everyone!

I’ve created a new book cover for the 4th edition of The Legend of Nariko: The Mark of Silverfrost. I wanted to create a new edition after learning a lot about formatting chapters, fonts and page lengths from the books I’ve read and reviewed. I started looking back at the “What Writers can Learn” parts of my reviews and realized it’s all material I could use for my own book.

But that aside, I wanted to create a cover that really showcased the mystery and art of the world. With that said, here is the new book cover! 😀

Cover Art redesign Finalized 1.2 (2)

As mentioned previously, anyone who has purchased a previous edition of my book can contact me for a free copy of the new edition. Please contact me at and I’ll arrange for a new copy to be sent. 🙂

The new edition will be released in Late November depending on how the book proofs turn out. Could be potentially sooner! Will update as it happens.

Have a great day!

– Raphael

P.S: I have the wallpaper and more on my Artstation post.

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