Character Artwork Delay and Update

Hi Everyone,

I was hoping to have a series of character art pieces for my upcoming book posted starting today however due to some family issues over the weekend, I wasn’t able to complete it. I am sorry for the delay as I was hoping to improve my artistic ability by completing pieces faster than I normally do. But I was also learning some new art techniques from watching Dave Greco’s timelapse videos on YouTube. His artwork is amazing and his step by step process provides so much to learn from. My favorite video being his timelapse video with commentary on an Undead Shadow Priest. I would definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to improve their artwork.

I will post the finished art piece and short bio for the first character from The Legend of Nariko: The Goddess Prophecy on Friday the 10th. I will have to take a break for the week after to finish editing my book for the first couple test readers. Friday the 24th will see the next character artwork posted. Right now I should be able to publish The Goddess Prophecy by either the second half of August or the first half of September. Book 3, Hellfire Rising, is looking to be published either by the end of the year or by early next year.

Thank you all for your patience! 😊

– Raphael

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