Book 2 Progress Update

Hi Everyone!

Great news! My editor has finished his revisions and I’m going through and applying them to the final draft of The Legend of Nariko: The Goddess Prophecy. Currently I’m finishing up the last changes and a few additional pieces to the novel. I’m also working on finalizing a volume 1 edition which is a combination of books 1 & 2 for a better value. However I don’t want to rush this final part so unfortunately I won’t have a post up this Friday and likely not Monday as well (though I am hoping to have something posted).

I also wanted to apologize for the haphazardly posted content in the past few months. It’s become very apparent to both myself and others that I’ve started taking on way too many projects with unreasonable expectations. I’ve also let that affect how I’ve treated this blog and the content that I post here. I realized I need to take this more seriously and keep the content consistent and relevant to the focus of this blog, i.e. focused on writing and books. I burned myself out trying to do book reviews every week so I will try and at least keep it consistent to book reviews every two weeks.

I also realized that the blog format is currently a mess, making it impossible to look up older articles and book reviews making only the latest content really accessible. While I won’t be changing the name of the blog, I will change the formatting to make things more accessible.

Thank you all for your patience! 🙂

– Raphael

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