Character Artwork & Recap – Asandra The Bloodfire

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Before diving into the artwork and bio for Asandra, I wanted to give a brief overview of these articles. With the sequel coming out, The Legend of Nariko: The Goddess Prophecy, I wanted to do a series of character art pieces leading up to the release. The first book, The Legend of Nariko: The Mark of Silverfrost, was released in 2017 and I wanted to include a short recap for those who may not fully recall the events of the first book. These recaps will also be included in the beginning of book 2. They will be included with the art pieces in these articles along with a spoiler warning for those who haven’t read the book yet.

Please take the time to read book 1 to fully grasp the story. There is nothing after the character bio so please do not read if you haven’t read book 1. 🙂

Asandra The Bloodfire

Alias: The Angel of Valoria
Age: 17
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: around 135lbs
Notable traits: Crimson Eyes signifying the Bloodfire curse.

The Legend of Nariko: The Mark of Silverfrost


Asandra grew up in a hidden orphanage in the forests of Valoria until it was burned down by the Valorian Knights. Her brother-in-arms Fenris Ironclaw rescued her and then helped train and mold her to become a fierce warrior. She took on the name Asandra Ironclaw, feeling a kinship towards Fenris after joining his brotherhood, the Wolves of Silverfrost. Fenris and Asandra joined the revolution to assault the empire and save their captured brother-in-arms Razael. When Fenris had died during their rescue mission to save one of their own, Asandra was devastated. Asandra witnessed his death at the hands of a mysterious shadowy assassin. Later she had learned that the creature had torn a path of destruction across Valoria, murdering rebels and loyalists alike. The revolution had failed, and the rebellion was scattered and broken.

With nowhere else to go, Asandra traveled across the Cyrulean Sea to Ashara to return Razael home and fulfill Fenris’ last mission. It was here she discovered the hatred of Bloodfires. Her kind was hated across the world, but that hatred was concentrated in Ashara by the Inferno Legion. With the help of Razael’s family and the Wolves of Silverfrost, Asandra was able to escape and return to Valoria.

Asandra now leads the survivors in Sanctuary, a refuge for those persecuted by the empire. As the Angel of Valoria, Asandra has made it her mission to protect her people from those who would threaten them, The ruling elite of Valoria. But after finding her birth parents and witnessing the return of the Empress of Silverfrost, Nariko Valoria, Asandra’s priorities have shifted. She must protect her people and her family from the Valorian empire’s cruelty and the wrath of angels.

– Raphael

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