Opinions and Advice from an Amateur Artist of 9 years

Opinions and Advice from an Amateur Artist of 9 years

A sketch and then inked character design for a character in the series I am writing. Character design can be used for many things, but most importantly to tell the observer about the character. Take this lovely young lady for example.

Observing this picture, you can tell some of her traits:

– The rather modest clothing could tell that she may be a reserved individual, not very outspoken or desiring of attention. But she stills wears rather form fitting clothing, showing that she may be comfortable with her appearance.

– Her posture also reveals that she may be a rather friendly person, the little bend of the leg could show that she has a rather passive nature while her wave of the hand shows a friendly greeting. A shy character would be more centered, keeping their hands close to their body, in essence closed off from the world. But this gesture can show an air of openness towards others.

– The hair doesn’t reveal too much, rather clean and proper, shows that she may be somewhat professional while at the same time allowing it to be a bit messy. One could interpret this as someone willing to hard work when the time comes.

These are simply observations that may or may not be true about the character in question, however they allow for an idea of who she is. Judging by the picture, we can assume she is probably not a wild and reckless renegade while also not being a stone cold professional. However, just as with many things in life, appearances can be deceiving. Only the reader who finishes the series will know who or what she really is.

I also plan to use this picture as an example for future tutorials. First of which will be to color, shade and highlight eyes. Hopefully I will be able to post this tutorial soon.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading this.

– Raphael

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