Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately I must apologize for not uploading a post last week. I had intended to post up the next tutorial for my Digital Art Tutorial series, but then life seemed to butt in. Started a New Job, Internships Applications, Term Papers, so much craziness. I am still committed to this blog and I do plan to continue posting new material and insights on Writing and Digital Art. All things willing, I hope to post the last step of my Digital Art tutorial by Next Saturday. 

Some good news though! I have been able to make a lot of progress on my novel recently. In that spare time between classes I’ve been able to add in a bit more work into my latest chapter. If all things work out and my schedule is willing, I may be able to finish my novel by the end of this year! 

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog. I hope I have been able to give some insight or new perspective on the topics discussed here. 

– Raphael

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